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At Biofire we are targeting 3 topics; recycling, waste management and renewable energy. We are managing waste by collecting agro-forestry waste from farmers (they use to burn their waste), wooden factory (they use to throw their waste in land field) and food industry (olive oil, dried fruits, etc...). We are transforming the waste into bioful for cooking and heating need. By doing that we are providing an alternative solution for cooking and heating needs. High price of electricity and gas made the restaurants, such as pizza restaurants and barbecue restaurants, migrate from using electricity or gas for their cooking purposes to wood or charcoal. A lot of Tunisian families in rural areas do not have access to electricity let alone sustainable energy. Thus, they use wood and charcoal for their heating and cooking needs. Charcoal and wood fuel consumption in Tunisia is very high, meaning that the forests face grave danger of deforestation as the growing population inrural areas continues to cut down trees for fuel.

The majority of the time unsustainable charcoal production does not come from farms or plantations but from people chopping down trees in rangeland and government forests.

We recycled more than 1000 tons of waste in 3 years, by doing that we saved more than 1000 trees from being cut to be used as wood fuel.



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