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Biomyc is a starting biotech company that develops products inspired by natural processes.We are developing a technology that utilizes non-edible crop wastes things like straw and corn stover and turns them into value added products sustainable packaging and thermal insulation panels.

By using crop waste that normally gets incinerated, we increase the earnings potential of agricultural producers.

The packaging products we are developing are meant as a drop-in replacement of expanded petrochemical foam packaging
stuff like styrofoam and EPS. Our products are made from rapidly renewable feedstocks, use little energy during production, do not harm the environment in any production step, and take 75 days to compost in your back yard.

Globally, 14 million metric tonnes of polystyrene are produced each year, making it one of the most pervasive forms of pollution on Earth. The production of Expanded Polysterene Foam is energy intensive, creating large amounts of greenhouse gases. It is non-biodegradable, taking hundreds of years to decompose. EPS Foam is lightweight and floats and when it breaks apart as a consequence the small polystyrene components are hazardous to land and marine animals and plants alike. Plastics comprise 90 percent of floating marine debris. A 2015 McKinsey report estimates there are over 150 million tonnes of plastic in the seas leaking into the ocean. The 2016 Ellen MacArthur Foundation report estimates that without significant action, there will be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the sea by 2050. The situation on land is worse. EPS Foam is not usually recycled due to its light weight and the high economic cost of transporting and decreasing the petroleum-based material.

We have developed an in-lab method for creating a sustainable foam substitute to expanded plastic foam (styrofoam). We create it from non-edible agricultural waste and use fungal organisms (edible mushrooms) as a binding agent. We are focusing on the development of prototypes of:

  • Biodegradable packaging/ foam that looks like styrofoam but is entirely biodegradable
  • Furniture fiberboards with 70% less timber and no petroleum-based adhesives

Our material is tested and certified for biodegradability. It degrades in natural conditions in less than 75 days when thrown away. Unlike other biodegradable substances that need special atmospheric conditions to start the degradation process or plastic materials.

We have tested the mechanical characteristics of the material and it has proved a good thermal resistance and moderate resistance to water penetration.

We are developing fossil fuel free, compostable solution that shifts waste to nutrients to products.

According to Plastics – the Facts 2017 by Plastics Europe, in 2017, 335 million tonnes of plastic were produced worldwide, 60 Million tonnes of which come from the EU where converted demand is 49.9 m.t. for 2016 The construction and packaging sectors represent 59.6% of all plastic used. Even though energy recovery and recycling rates have increased and landfilling is on a downward trend a median of 27.3% of all recovered plastic ends up in landfills. Expanded, low density, foam plastic is economically ineffective to recycle because of a its small weight to volume ratio.

We target the biggest market segments responsible for plastic pollution. By implementing a biodegradable foam substitute technology. We tackle (needs specific number)CO2 emission rates from landfill decomposition and foam production plants as well as produce a natural solution, that is not harmful to the environment in each of its lifecycle stages.

We strive to create economically viable and environmentally friendly solutions. Our dream is to be leaders in sustainable technological progress by:

  • Developing products inspired by natural processes that utilize untapped local resources
  • Developing sustainable services based on methodologies that mitigate/ eliminate environmental pollution
  • Educate the next wave of entrepreneurs in sustainable business methodologies



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