BioRaiser Climate Smart, Nitrogen Fixing Fertilizer

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Climate change has brought about drought in the most vulnerable affected areas. Our revolutionary solution,  BioRaiser Grow,  helps fight against these negative effects by it ability to hold water and nutrients in the root zone of plants. 

After it is mixed with soil during cultivation and just before planting,  it is ready to help the farmer for the next 8 months.  Most notably,  it helps in the following way: 

Up-to 50% less irrigation water needed

Stops leaching of nutrients beyond the root zone 

Up-to 60% less usage of traditional fertilizers and manure

100% Biodegradable

Biodegrades into nitrogen rich nutrients for plants to absorb and use.  

Eight Months long action in the soil enables farmer to plant more than once per growing season, in the same field.

BioRaiser Grow is relevant for every stage of ALL plants, from Germination to Harvest (first 8 months for trees).  

Low Carbon Footprint 

20% more harvest

As BioRaiser,  we have invented the input solution formula and the process of manufacturing the end product.  The modular process is designed to be deployed and situated in the affected areas to reduce transport costs and enhance affordability. We have containerized the process for easy and fast deployment.  Thus for every 1,000 liters of primary fluid we transport,  onsite in the affected area,  we manufacture 50,000 litres of the end product fertilizer.  

BioRaiser has gone through the Research and Development stages.  As well as proof of concept.  We have the affected areas, for example in Zambia and piloted the product. Local knowledge and relevance of the solution has been established.  We are now transitioning from Pilot into sales.  We are currently manufacturing the first mobile unit for Zambia as we seek to expand to neighbouring Countries and other affected areas in the world.  Bioraiser LZambia will start production in Q1 of 2020. 

BioRaiser has positioned itself to provide answers as the source of the problem.  In most cases,  we have found that even if the farmer has access to traditional fertilizers,  crops fail due to erratic rainfall patterns. Our fertilizer's unique water holding capabilities ensures plants are provided for in the periods between rainfall. They can also extend the growing season. BioRaiser has positioned itself to be as affordable as possible to small scale farmers who constitute up-to 80% of the people in the worst affected areas. Therefore,  making our business model answer SDGs and ensure healthy food security for ALL. 



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