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Our innovation, is a cold storage facility for rural farmers, a 24/7 off-grid storage and preservation of perishable foods. It adequately addresses the problem of post
harvest losses in fruits, vegetables and other perishable food installed in major food production and consumption centers (in markets and farms), farmers place their produce in clean plastic crates, these plastic crates are stacked inside the cold room. This extends the freshness of fruits, vegetables and other perishable food from 2 days to about 21 days. The solar powered walk-in cold room is made of 120mm insulating cold room panels to retain cold. Energy from solar panels mounted on the roof-top of the cold room are stored in high capacity batteries, these batteries feeds an inverter which in turn feeds the refrigerating unit.


Our innovation offers farmers with a flexible pay-as-you-store subscription model. In preparation for storage, farmers transfer their perishable foods into our reusable crates, which fit neatly onto the shelves. Farmers pay a daily flat fee for each crate of food they store



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