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The world is heating up and research shows we have 11 years to cut annual emissions in half if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.Road transport is the fastest growing area of emissions, and one of the hardest to combat. Transport underpins the entire economy, and as it goes, so goes most everything else.

The automotive industry’s answer to this problem has been to move production to electric cars with Tesla and Nissan having built an early lead. These companies are experts in making and selling cars, so naturally their solution to the climate crisis is to make cars that are as clean as possible.

Here’s the problem: Even the most optimistic projections from the International Energy Agency peg electric car adoption at 30% of total sales by 2030. Those same estimates figure the global car fleet will not be full electrified until at least 2050.

In other words, not fast enough.Why does this matter? Because the industry has been looking at this issue the wrong way: most recorded car trips are short distance and that’s where the emissions are as well.

It’s in this context that the emergence of small electric scooters and bikes—what we call micromobility —matters.Electric bikes and scooters are perfectly suited to small trips, while only emitting 1-2% of what a car does. Put another way, 50 scooters rides produce the same amount of CO2 emissions as a single car trip.

Electric bikes already outsell electric cars by 10:1 in Europe and 20:1 in China. What’s more, micromobility has been able to achieve this scale with next to no government support, proper infrastructure, or tax incentives.

Yet micromobility remains largely ignored for reducing emissions.This is were my company Blitz comes in
we provide electric Scooters, eMopeds, eMotorbikes and eCars through our station-less model in South East Asia.

The station less model allows users to pick up any vehicle of their choice from any location, use it, then park it anywhere they want. By moving away from the concept of ownership in transportation, we make EV’s more accessible and economical for the masses to adopt.



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