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Blooming Bs (Blooming Box, Brain and Body) was created as a for-profit is a social enterprise that is devoted to providing children with healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. Our mission at Blooming Bs is to combat childhood obesity in Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries by promoting healthy eating habits. This includes raising awareness of children and parents about the importance of healthy food and lifestyle, providing children with healthy food choices, and creating a community of future healthy eaters.


As a researcher, I am on a mission to reduce the growing burdens on the healthcare system by combating non-communicable diseases and childhood obesity in society. As a leader, I am eager to encourage and collaborate with my peers to create an outstanding impact and productive research to solve this issue and create generations of healthy and happy children.


By providing a unified menu and healthy choices in an attractive way, we are minimizing the amount of food waste that might occur by children not wanting to eat their food brought from home. Scientifically, children are willing to eat whatever their classmates are eating due to peer pressure. In addition, branding and presentation would also increase the likelihood of children eating healthy food, which will result in minimal food waste.




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