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Bolamall is a waste management company that uses technology to manage and market waste, the business seeks to connect and provide recycle firms and individual with well-segregated waste as a raw material to feed their industries.

In recent times, there are numerous recycling firms emerging in Africa and the world at large. Why BolaMall? I work with Green heat technologies limited, a company where we use briquetting technology to convert coconut husk into briquets, we spend 70% of production time to segregate other waste from the coconut husk before carbonizing it, well-segregated waste as a raw material is one of the outermost challenges a lot of waste recycling firms faced, about 87% of these companies don't have a reliable source of well-segregated waste spending production time searching for waste and afterward they have to spend millions of dollars in the segregation process before it can be used. Moreover, individuals waste collectors and firms also hardly locate companies who will need the waste collected for reuse or recycling.

With this, we serve as an intermediary to connect them by providing an e-platform for individuals and firms to manage, sell or donate their waste around the globe.

The business is viable and scalable due to its technology and market niche, in our first year of operation will attract and integrate over 1000 of all sort of waste recycling firms onto our site connecting them to over 1million waste collectors and distributors, transacting over 20 million metric tons of well-segregated waste to these recycling companies. The site will attract over 50 million traffic generating about $1 million in revenue from Sponsorships, Affiliate Commissions, Advertising, Content, and Value-added services. In the end, we seek to effectively manage and market over 20 million metric tons of waste in our first year, create employment and protect the environment from pollution.



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