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The ugly truth in Pakistan is the absence of qualified professionals in the field of Speech-Language Pathology to work with children and adults with communicative impediments. At present, there are only seven qualified Speech Language Pathologists/Therapists

(SLPs/SLTs) all of whom have qualified abroad to cater to the needs of these 22 million individuals across the nation. In these circumstances, a digital platform that could automate the speech therapy process with a minimal cost is really needed. With our breakthrough innovation, special education and therapy much easier. Bolotech aims to solve issues like lack of availability of experts for people in rural areas, time-consuming therapy session, patients not paying attention and not attending sessions regularly and not having a proper curriculum.

BoloTech is a startup that aims to ease the life of people with speech and communication barriers. With a special focus on mute people, we have designed software that teaches language without the assistance of any pathologist. It helps them to improve their cognitive and speaking skills by replicating therapy and educational content in the form of games and exercises. It's a social venture and a heartfelt effort for an inclusive and accepting society for those who can’t speak for themselves. The idea is to serve the population that struggles with speech impediments. Even with rapid development and technological upheaval, there is no innovation in terms of education and therapy. The number of speech pathologists catering to this population is another depressing figure making the conditions of therapy and special education worse.



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