BOSON White Water System

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With deteriorating water quality, access to quality water is a big challenge world is facing now. Also with rapid urbanization, cities are facing severe water crisis, on top of that cities generate huge waste water which is another big threat to surface water bodies. We tried to solve both this problem by converting the waste water to potable water and utilize them in industrial & commercial use like cooling towers etc.

BOSON White Water converts the sewage treated water generated in the commercial buildings, residential complexes like Apartments & Villas into a high quality potable water. Hence we help commercial building & residential complexes reduce the dependency on the external water sources. Also we help them in bringing down the discharge of waste water to near zero, which is seen as a big threat to pollute our natural water bodies like lakes, rivers, ground water, etc.

Waste water recycling was tried and tested in large scale by bigger companies but it could not be replicated at smaller scales due to the capital & operation cost. With our unique pre-filtration system, we can reduce the capital & operation cost where we see ourselves holding the edge over others. We offer this solution in pay per use model with the help of funding from social impact investors to reduce the burden on the residential societies. To prove this fact, we have BOSON White Water System installed at 4 different sites in Bangalore, India.

  • With our current 4 installations at residential & commercial complexes, we have saved approx. 7800 tankers (6KL) volume of water so far, i.e, 4.6 Crore litres of water in the last 3 years.
  • In the next 1 year we will be saving 20 crore litres of water.
  • BOSON White Water System reduced approx. 6 tonnes of Co2 emission in transportation of the water using water tankers from the borewells.
  • Our Mission is to save 500 Crore litres of water every year by 2022.

At Transwater Systems, we strongly believe in 3R's REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. Recycling the waste water & re-using them for non-potable purpose is the way forward.



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