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The proliferation of counterfeit products is a major challenge in most African countries, the social and economic impact of the counterfeit trade is significant. The fatal consequences of fake drugs are a persistent source of concern for government and international agencies. According to the World Health Organization report, over 100,000 lives are lost annually in Africa as a result of ingestion of fake drugs.

The underlying premise for this groundbreaking solution (BrandZilla App) is to bypass the limitations of human interference that evidently sabotages many costly anti-counterfeiting measures adopted by private enterprises and government agencies, such as: alleged collusion with corrupt Ports and Customs agents, the absence of a medium for consumers to report incidents and the lack of consumer education and engagement.

The 3-tier software architecture of BrandZilla App proffers a pragmatic solution for brand owners’ biggest nightmare – infiltration of their product distribution chain by counterfeiters: First, brand owners create a secured account and subscribe their product(s) on the network, their list of retail stores (and depots) is uploaded on the database; second, end-users search for brands and are able to view original product image spec; third, BrandZilla app’s GIS enables the GPS scan through brand owner’s list of stores and shows user nearby stores based on their proximity to user’s location.

With the use of BrandZilla App consumers have the confidence that they are literally led by a brand owner to retails stores where their products are sold. Otherwise, they can use the feedback feature in the app to report stores that are selling counterfeit products.



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