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                 To begin with, I'm very grateful to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity for granting me the opportunity to express a solution I've discovered pertaining to solar energy disadvantages ( as in inefficiency, high cost, unreliability during rainfall season and winter, and so on as discussed below). I'm a victim of electric power outage which is as a result of power shortage due to less energy generation capacity. Today most of our energy needs are met by fossil fuels which are the major contributors of global warming. It is projected that, fossil fuels will be depleted in the next fifty to hundred years, therefore the need has arise for the world to start harnessing renewable energy sources more than before. Nuclear energy, the most promising however comes with serious problems including dangerous radioactive waste and nuclear radiation hazard. Hence the solution lies in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric power. However, solar energy is preferred here because unlike wind and hydroelectric power, solar panel can be constructed anywhere (remote areas like villages) in the world. Like any other form of renewal energy which has disadvantages, solar energy also have some disadvantages which my new invention which is in the process of patent seeks to solve those disadvantages.


               The device works by increasing electrical energy from the solar panel in a series of transformation that occurs in the power transforming unit by mechanical actions. During the daytime, electrical energy is stored in a battery for night use and days where there is rainfall. Lets consider a scenario where there is continuous rainfall for about a month, in such a situation the device would still supply continuous electrical energy for that month by automatically switching to the battery mode. It would be able to supply continuous energy for a month without sunshine.

                  Depending on how the transformation unit is built, it would be able to supply electrical energy to about 500 homes from five solar panels (65 inches by 39 inches, 200W)  and  some few batteries (for instance car batteries).


  • Requires small land space to construct. The power transformation unit needs smaller land size so as the panels. However some geographical areas may require fewer panels in addition.
  • Fewer panels are needed as compared to the typical form of solar energy.
  • Cheaper than the typical form of solar energy as well as cost effective.
  • Can be easily managed since few panels are needed, for instance during the harmattan season (usually occurs in sub saharan Africa),surface of solar panels are easily cover by dust which can be easily wiped off with my invention because fewer panels are needed.
  • Can supply continuous electrical energy at times where there isn't enough sunlight like rainfall season and winter.
  • Can supply power to the number of homes equivalent to what a typical form of solar energy would supply with the same little land space it requires over the bulky land typical solar energy will require.
  • Batteries may be quiet cheaper as compared to the typical form of solar energy battery because the power transformation unit requires lesser watts of battery.
  • Has sensors on the panel that can detect rainfall and night, then it will automatically switch to battery mode.


            The device can be manufactured for the following purposes;

  • Commercial Purpose: The device can be manufactured for a community, village or town where the power would be transferred to homes by grids from a single solar power station described above. I intend to make the electricity tariff very affordable topeople. The profits made are solely intended to manage the power station and also to pay the workers as well as to build more power stations. However I intend to make it free for communities with extreme poverty.

  • Domestic Purpose: The device can be manufactured to suit individual homes. This way the individual will purchase the device and will manage it themselves. Once purchased, the individual would not pay for afterwards fee/charges.



     The world has now started to concentrate on renewable energy sources, solar energy has proven to be one of the best and I believe my invention would revolutionize the way we harness solar energy to produce electricity in a way that will address the major problems associated with solar energy. Thank you.



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