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Energy sustainability with circular energy: This is based on the Basic principle that is taught from the primary class science which tells Energy can be either created or destroyed. It just transforms from one to another. So this city will track and draw from the points of energy sink 

Energy, in the process we call heat or heat flow, is constantly flowing into and out of all objects, including living objects.  Heat flow moves energy from a higher temperature to a lower temperature. There is a Heat flow within us beyond our sense - from the sun to the plants and some types of bacteria is the energizer of photosynthesis - the provider of food for almost all living things .the human body consumes as the source of this heat energy through metabolism. A single "calorie" of food contains 4.184 × 103 joules. If the average human consumes 1500 calories each day, that translates to 6.27 × 106 joules per day. Relatively speaking, this is about the amount of energy required to run a auto vehicle for 15 minutes.

Each human will act with energy generating source for own needs. Universal Nano-fibre will be integrated to the fabric of the clothes allowed in the city. This gets sent to the wireless connected home battery system (like wifi modem in each home currently we have).

Also Energy also flows out of each human body into the surrounding air, into the surrounding objects, This type of energy transfer from one place to another place is driven by differences in temperature and is called heat flow. Here again Universal human Sensor/ IoT will take heat energy and gets sent to the wireless connected home battery system. Each human needs to contribute based on the city average and this energy can be contributed via daily exercise via farming, cycling or walk or jogging As human walk /jog across the system, the weight from their footsteps compresses electromagnetic generators below, producing 2 to 4 joules of off-grid electrical energy per step. Similarly, energy sinks are attached to the gym and other equipment to collect energy. 

Even children or adult playing on the ground  with foot tap harvesting technology -- a deflecting pad covered with the type of ground surface commonly found in playgrounds - can produce up to 7 watts of energy with each step. From footfalls to climbing stairs, to opening doors, the cities of the future will look at ways of tapping energy from all the mechanical energy we expend going about our daily lives.

Energy supplements are made thru solar, heat from the water, water waves and wind power and will be its work with conserve battery storage plan.

City surrounded with Solar panels

This will also leverage high efficient energy generators such as Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG)

Consumption Cut off

Every device/equipment including is attached with measure and monitoring.. and its automated switch off once allowable level is done. Citizen of this haven off-world colony on self driven cycles if they can reduce energy consuming usage and gets reward



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