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Our soils have been neglected for far too long as farmers. With '95 percent of our food coming from the soil,' Bringing sustainability to our soils would mean ensuring our crops and plants are nurtured with improved soil health, thereby increasing crop yields . About a third of the world's soil has already been degraded. Generating three centimeters of top soil takes 1000 years, and if current rates of degradation continue all of the world's top soil could be gone within 60 years, (UN, 2014). Helping to rethink the way we produce fertilizer, the composition of our soil supplements and how it is distributed.


Sabon Sake produces organic fertilizer out of agricultural waste, primarily sugarcane waste and extracts maximum value from it, transforming it into fertilizer that nurtures the soils of farmers, horticulturist. This is possible with the use of relevant and up-to date technologies, technologies at the core of our operations being Biochar and vermicomposting technology.

Our ultimate goal is to bring wealth to the lives of rural farmers and their communities. Our venture kickstarts in Ghana, from the rural Volta region area where over 750,000 tonnes of sugarcane waste are burnt nation wide yearly, adding to the global sugarcane waste generation which negatively impacts the climate from the release of green house gas emissions.


With our proof of concept successful and undertaken in rural Berekuso farms,Eastern region of Ghana, our sugarcane based organic fertilizer supports a circular economy whereby waste from the sugarcane is used to produce fertilizer for both the sugarcane farmer to increase its sugarcane cash crop yields on a large scale as well as support mainstream vegetable farmers. We sell our sugarcane based organic(eco-friendly) fertilizer to the rural farmers, making it more readily accessible and affordable to the farmer, further educating them on fertilizer application rates and climate-smart agricultural practices.

With our soils supported by organic based fertilizers like Sabon Sake's, transforming agricultural waste, primarily sugarcane waste into organic fertilizer that nurture the soils, rural farmers in a West African country like Ghana, faced with expensive chemical fertilizer that negatively impact soils, to limited sources of finance to even purchase and apply standard rates of fertilizer onto their crops to boost yields. Making use of their agricultural waste to produce fertilizer as we are doing makes fertilizer readily available for them, accessible, affordable for them and yield boosting and soil sustainable.

We would delay our goal of feeding the projected 9.7 billion people in the world by 2050 if our soils are degraded, and are not nurtured to promote good cash crop yields from cash crops like sugarcane, cocoa e.t.c grown in Ghana, and main parts of West Africa.

SCALABILITY(in a nutshell)

Setting up a mini production unit in our first rural region, which is the Volta region, we are on the quest to scale up to other regions of Ghana creating organic fertilizer producing units for rural farmers, over seen by their farmer cooperatives. Through this the lives of farmers are positively impacted, their crops supported and their soils nurtured.

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