Bringing the factory to the farm and creating a strong supply chain

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This solution will address the challenge of sustainable and healthy food despite rapid urbanization by creating a boundary between Rural ares and Urban areas so we can have enough land space for farming and also increase the opportunity for future the future of Agriculture. This solution will reduce wastage of food in farms and help increase farm production, it will also help reduce high price of farm product and help farmers have a steady income, thereby they sell their product at a reasonable price and also help consumers to get an healthy farm product. This solution will create job opportunities in Rural areas by creating opportunity for the youth in rural ares and bring the market also close to the farm. This solution will be able to rescue the poor in urban areas from hunger, as it will result to low price of farm product, so therefore there will be food made available for all; poor and rich will enjoy equal food. This will help every farm settlement have an organization within their reach to sell their farm product and also create a effective supply chain from a short supply chain to a long supply chain within a particular state, country and also extend to foreign country.

We believe it takes more than just a country to feed the whole world, it takes the world to feed the world but notwithstanding every country will have a good and perfect agriculture system to survive on and also extend help to country without good or low soil profit.

This solution will also help reduce stress for government and increase the income of the nation thereby exporting farm products and also help reduce poverty among farmers . This solution will be able to with stand the future of have 10 billion people in 2050 and feed the world without struggling.



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