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Buengo helps people find a new life for the quality items they no longer need by making it easy for them to sell them on to someone else who could use them and the money raised goes to their chosen charity. In this way, the donor gets something they value more than the monetary value
the feeling that they are doing good. At the same time, the buyer receivesan item that they would normally have bought new, and paid much more for. Buengo, therefore, promotes the sustainable reuse of materials and increase the utilisation of electronics, clothes and household goods. Our pick-up service is aimed at those people who are too busy to donate
they are often the people with the most valuable items and who consume the most. We will come to that person's house, pick up the item (2-year-old iPhone, last year's fashion, children's toys and clothes), and sell it for them, with 50% of the money raised going to their chosen charity. We promote a circular economy AND generate money for charity.

Our research has shown that across the world, there is an increasing number of people with wealth (who consume) yet there is also many more people who need. We help reduce the impact of this global consumption and turn it into something more positive. Our vision is big. We believe that we could raise $1BN for charity, from items that already exist and help make a significant reduction in consumption and increase in reuse.



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