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The backbone of every thriving economy lies in the strength of its local businesses. While Globalisation has opened up the doorway for industrial innovation and integration, it has to some extent come to the detriment of most local businesses, as the local industry is Crowded out by large Multinational Corporations. While the advent of MNCs is certainly welcome, initiative must also be taken to grow local companies to a level of sustainability and even competitiveness of the highest quality. Research shows that the major reason for most SMEs in Zambia failing within the first three years of operations is the lack of access to that much needed additional capital that will allow them to take their business to the next level. Thus, by providing a platform that allows locals to use the ever growing mobile money options
which now boasts more than 2 million users
as well as their normal bank options to invest online into Zambian SMEs, all from the comfort of their mobile phone, we create a business environment that supports inclusive trade and helps strengthen the local economy while at the same time providing a much desired easy Saving and investment option for the general public.



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