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Global bee populations are in decline. Beyond the threat to biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, bees are a fundamental part of the world's agriculture system, contributing up to $577 billion annually. There are many components contributing to the decline but one of the overlooked factors is the instability of the global honey market caused by fraud and adulteration
which threatens the viability of beekeeping and dissuades new entry to beekeeping as a profession. We want to help conserve bee populations by first creating a stable and secure global honey market that works for beekeepers
allowing them to earn a fair wage for their work. 70% of all nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are reliant on pollination, these are some of our most nutritious and micronutrient rich crops. Without bees the access to nutritious food will be diminished, leading to an increase in malnutrition and an increase in rates of non-communicable disease. Beekeeping as a profession is also incredibly important to rural communities and landless people
offering the potential to bring many out of poverty.

At BumbleChain we are approaching the problem of bee conservation in a novel way by working to stabilize the global honey market ensuring beekeepers (who we consider the original bee conservationist) can earn a fair value for their product. We’ve developed a blockchain based supply chain tool to help prevent fraud and create a transparent global supply chain that places a value on the origin and production story of each product. Our app based solution combines blockchain and RFID to create a secure ledger detailing each stage of production and transport
allowing transparent and pure honey across the global market. Apart from our supply chain tool we are also building an online apiary collective where consumers from around the world can discover and source ethical honey and learn the story of its production
even down to which flowers were pollinated.



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