BUTALE (Markets)

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We have developed a platform called BUTALE (which means markets). This innovative tool is a well thought model designed with solving farmers` challenges encounter during pre and post production. It comes to address various problems at different levels of the agricultural value chain.

How BUTALE addresses the challenge

  • Linking farmers to markets -BUTALE has created an eco-system of customers and vendors selling all kinds of food crops and groceries meeting on one platform. A customer visiting BUTALE is able to choose the market he/she prefers to buy from and all kinds of farm produce are listed for them to choose from. This means that, on one end, BUTALE has created a ready and available market for farmers to tap into. In between the market vendors and farmers are middle men who buy directly from farmers and sells to vendors. These middle men are also registered on our platform and therefore the farmer can easily reach them when his harvest is ready. BUTALE does not eliminate the middle man because he is a key player in the agricultural value chain since he is the one who buys from the farmer directly in the garden and delivers food commodities to the market so that the farmer can focus on production.
  • Linking farmers to expert knowledge and advise -BUTALE through it's module 'talk to the expert' is linking rural farmers to extension officers. These experts take farmers through the necessary farming skills, provide them with advice on pest and disease control and provide all the necessary advise regarding good agricultural practices. Agricultural experts registered on our platform can easily disseminate information with phone calls or directly reach the farmers` gardens.
  • Providing an easy and quick access to information -The system is constantly updated with information regarding weather changes in the country. Farmers registered on our platform are constantly receiving weather information affecting their particular places/regions of operation. This helps farmers plan when to harvest and when to prepare for irrigation or watering.
  • Linking farmers to seeds, inputs, tools and agricultural machinery vendors suppliers -We have made sure that the farmer can use our system to access seeds and seedling vendors and various agricultural input and machinery vendors.



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