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The Agripoll software – using the widely accessible GSM mobile technology
will lower the cost of data collection, increase the accuracy and availability of pest management data. Periodically, farmers, extension workers and other key stakeholders are prompted to respond to multi-model (text, image, audio, and video) surveys on pest and diseases management via mobile phones. This data is sent over a mobile phone network to an artificial intelligent software system on the internet. The system aggregates it with information from other respondents, and analyses it against available online datasets. Basing on approved local Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines, the system then sends actionable and context specific information to users: farmers and other key stakeholders via mobile phones (smart and feature), the web and electronic media (TV and Radio).


This solution will succeed because it will;

a)      Close the digital gender divide and marginalization that exists through group access by unisex farmer groups.

b)     Solve data loss by recording it directly to secure centralized server repositories.

c)      Improve the speed of information sharing by sending real-time data directly.

d)     Ensure consistent information by digitally translating data to support different dialects.

e)      Lower cost of data collection by enabling software developers to build low-cost data-driven products

f)       Bridge geographic, economic and cultural  distances by using accessible technology 



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