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If you move around Nairobi, you will notice that there are several vendors along the streets. They sell food, snacks, books, mend shoes and several other things. You will also find a lot of motorbike riders & hand-cart owners waiting to ferry someone or some goods from one part of the city to another. If you take a closer look at the trees and poles, you will see many placards advertising various services such as lawn mowing, carpet cleaning, and cooking gas delivery.

Its a very vibrant city. And like many cities, towns and villages in Africa, there are high rates of unemployment, prompting people to look for alternative means of earning an income. All these informal vendors face one problem though, getting customers to know that they provide the services they want and a means to contact them.

And that is where Buzzables comes in. It is a mobile platform that enables anyone to order goods or services from their neighbors. Think of it as a ride-hailing app, but instead of just hailing a cab, you can hail any kind of service, from a cobbler to mend your shoes
to a cleaning lady to clean your house. The platform provides an easy way to find vendors of any kind of service you need from your location, not only saving you time and providing convenience, but also providing opportunities for local vendors to earn a living.



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