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We are solving the problem of food insecurity, while merging it with unemployment since we strongly believe training the 19 million unskilled young people without job in Nigeria can totally solve the food crisis problem in the country, and create more than enough food to even feed the whole of West Africa.

"Nigerians are among world's hungriest people in the world": United Nations, 2018 and with this awareness, we decided to create: ByFE: Bookers Youth Farm Enterprise--a project that solves the skill gap challenge, while it provides food for its communities and youth participants--youths who will: "Learn, Work and Earn," and finally end up having their own farm and become young farmers plus entrepreneurs.

ByFe opened on three farms where the youths learn and work. ByFE runs on a “Learn, Work and Earn Model” where students learn, work, and at the end of every harvest youths get some percentage of money made by the farm.

ByFE runs a three to six year Agritech vocational class under our BEAP Program: Bookers Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship Program which was designed to provide skills to 1000 youths yearly. The program is being managed by volunteers who include professional farmers, veterinary doctors, and others.

ByFE is a Science, Agriculture and Learning Hub and will have and presently connects over 1000 participants with over 100 volunteers, which include some veterinary doctors who visit the farm monthly to teach our students more about livestock; agriculture, soil and animal scientist volunteers who shares their field experience and we have been so successful that 56 of our current participants are now making profits of $500-$1000 yearly from raising dogs puppies, raising goat farm while some have livestock worth more than $1000 in their backyard.

ByFE is totally unique because it pays for zero labor, it provides free quality agriculture education plus training and ByFE itself remains a moderately successful business that continues to empower and train youths while providing fulfillment for many experts.

BYFE makes young women its foremost beneficiaries as our entire enrollment has female taking over 60% of the entire slots because In Bookers International School, the girl-child is given greater preference due to the disadvantages and challenges they face daily in our societies regarding food, education and empowerment. ByFE's food suppliers who visit the farm to buy our harvests, livestock and eggs are over 90% women.



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