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CAHAT FOOD is a healthy cookies made by combining cricket flour, cinnamon, ginger and chocolate.United Nations has suggested that we could eat insect as our food because it’s safety and healthy. Unfortunately, there are some region that doesn’t have the optimum cricket farm for human food resources like we have in Indonesia. The results of a survey of 113 respondents from various cities in Indonesia said that more than 70% respondents want to consume Cahat Food. These factors include low price, clean production process, nutrition fact, good looking design, and good taste. We have highlighted these five factors in our products.

Our snack is healthy as it contains high protein and mineral, unique because it’s made from cricket and simple dish because packed up in safety and proper package.

We believe by using crickets as a staple food, there will be many benefits to be gained. Crickets are high in protein and minerals, consume little water and food but can produce high protein and minerals, producing fewer emissions, are easy and fast to breed. Cricket production must be done in the right stages so as not to cause the product to rot quickly because the protein is easily rotten or smelly. With the right food sources and supported with adequate processes and facilities, we believe Cahat Food will be the world's solution for fulfilling healthy and nutritious food.



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