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DREAM BIG NETWORK LIMITED believe so much in technology and how it helps to improve human and business activities. We have two applications: campaign market (business and market app where you can automate your business online or a physical location) and appmble (where you can create your mobile apps with ease).Campaign Market (CM) is all in one app for business and marketing. The idea behind campaign market is pure business automation which gives time to focus on other things too. Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, campaign market have you covered. Campaign Market is our flagship product on Business/ digital marketing. Campaign market features include: web analysis, email automation for marketing, e-commerce app (drag & drop templates for store), user page management, cloud point of sale(mobile POS for businesses) and track inventories , drag &drop email and landing page templates, shipping tracking, paid ads. All these features are in one application. Some of the features provides a unique product of their own.Campaign market has web analytics which indicates how in real the people who visits pages in your pages, track their map locations, know their real time engagement and many more, so as to make important business decisions. The email responder automates your emails in real time. With the cm commerce you can create your own ecommerce with the click of a button, schedule product release dates, track inventories, create your e-commerce mobile app, on the go point of sale (sale anything, anywhere).  Campaign market has a blogging application, bloggers can create blog site for free, post contents on their niche and many more. It is also as user page control (you can delegate tasks to workers or staffs).  With this application and it features you can run your entire business in one place. Campaign market on like other applications is easy for individuals to control their business in one dashboard. We made it easy to use, mobile friendly with responsive design for all devices. You don’t need to get professionals to help use the app. I



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