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Our mission is to feed Côte d'Ivoire by developing a sustainable and inclusive model of agriculture that benefits small women farmers, while respecting the environment. To this end, Canaan Land provides women with:

  • Training in sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship
  • Adapted tools and inputs
  • Secure access to cultivable land.

We facilitate market access for this food production while 70% of the fruits and vegetables consumed in West Africa are imported (Source: FAO). Our customers are currently divided into 4 segments (individuals, informal markets, central purchasing offices, hotels and restaurants) but our commercial strategy and positioning are evolving and adapting to the deployment of the model. Indeed, we want to increasingly direct sales towards BoP resellers in informal markets in order to enable all consumers to consume healthy products. We continuously attach great importance to the achievement of our socio-environmental impact objectives such as job creation, income security and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Canaan Land aims to replicate its model on a large scale in Côte d'Ivoire and West Africa, through a "franchise" model. On land developed, irrigated and made available to communities through development programmes (such as the 2PAI Aries programme of the African Development Bank), we will apply the Canaan Land model, i.e. provide small producers with appropriate inputs, tools and training and then buy back their production and market it. Franchises are now Canaan Land's priority development axis as they will increase our impact by reaching many rural communities through improved productivity and stable incomes. For Canaan Land, these are all quality fruits and vegetables ready to be sold on our various markets. The first franchise was opened in Dougba in November, allowing Canaan Land to reach 64 new beneficiaries. The second should be completed before 2020.

In the long term, Canaan Land want to create a digital platform to allow our partner farmers to have access to a range of services directly on their phones: seed purchase, weather information, micro-credit...



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