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The mission of Caravan is to reduce Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOV) throughout UAE. SOVs are those vehicles that have just the driver (or very few passengers) that are traveling on the road. SOVs are mostly used by people when they are commuting for work and SOV's are highly inefficient as well as damaging for the environment. During peak commute times (morning 7 AM to 9 AM) and evening (5 PM to 7 PM) there are a lot of SOVs on the road spilling out carbon emissions. Given how well planned the UAE is, with the distinct residential and commercial areas, it makes sense to combine these people who are heading from the same origin to the same destination.

Car Pooling is a legal gray area within the UAE and has security risks so instead Caravan is focusing on bus shuttles for the commute. We help people find the best privately operated bus for their work commute. We do so by aggregating and digitizing the information of all the various authorized (by RTA) passenger transport companies in the UAE and thus anyone who is looking for a bus shuttle option can be quickly matched by going to our website. In just 3 clicks we provide all the information about the relevant bus shuttle that the passenger can then easily join. We are also working on a mobile application to further speed up the process as we connect passenger to the bus operator. Passengers can then track the bus in real time and see all the stops. We also do route optimization for bus operators so that the buses emit even lesser carbon by products during the course of the day.

We adhere to all RTA rules and regulations and work with only legal bus operators. By transferring people out of cars and onto efficient, comfortable and economical buses we can greatly reduce the SOVs on the road and help make cities more accessible and sustainable. To find out more please visit our website:

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