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Carbo Culture is an organic biochar producer
we create biocarbon in an entirely new, patented way and produce high quality, consistent biochar for agriculture, soil remediation and applied materials, in a waste-to-resource, circular model.

We’re on a mission to sequester a gigaton of carbon dioxide annually within a decade
by amplifying nature’s time-tested strategy for regeneration, the carbon cycle. Biochar is one of the most notable carbon sequestration methods and has one of the largest potential of all possible CO2 utilization (Nature, 2019).

The UN has estimated that on average we have about 60 harvests left until we have depleted all our soils
which feed 95% of global population. In addition, we have a trillion ton debt of carbon in the atmosphere that is already impacting our ecosystem’s resilience
the life-supporting mechanisms that all of us rely on every day.

The biocarbons we upcycle from biomass waste address these issues simultaneously: the carbon is converted to a form that stays stable for hundreds of years, taking it out of the carbon cycle, and when biocarbons are used for soil microbial health, they create an additional leverage for tying other, more potent greenhouse gases while helping soil regain it’s regeneration capacity. In essence, the carbon in the soil acts like a reef in the ocean
fostering life and biodiversity.

We’re currently commercializing our patented breakthrough Flash Carbonization technology to convert biomass waste into high quality biocarbon. This technology represents a fundamentally new way of transforming biomass into biocarbon that sequesters Co2 into a stable, solid form. The biocarbon will be integrated with other processes, like composting, to deliver superior results while dramatically reducing GHG emissions. It is these cascading benefits that enable biocarbon to have a profound impact.



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