Carbon Absorbing Exhaust Muffler (HemP)

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Problem Statement

1. Generally, the exhaust mufflers are provided to reduce the amount of noise generated by engine of a vehicle. Which also minimize the sound pollution and prevents emission of toxic gases to the environment.

2. Glass wool are used as an insulating material and sound absorptive material. Glass wool has good insulating properties and low thermal conductivity making it suitable for use in exhaust system.

3. But, the silicate composition in the glass wool mixes with the exhaust gases resulting in toxic emission which is hazardous to the environment and human beings. These exhaust gas when enters to the human lungs may cause lungs cancer or suffocation in breathing. Further, the glass wool is an inorganic composite which is not a biodegradable material.

4. Regarding automobile Body panel parts it has been seen that afterlife of any automobile product, we have seen that it has been leftovers as in the scrap yards to have a climatic degradation as solid debris/waste or it is shredded into several small pieces of metals to recycle.

5. Whereas where the utilization of fibre is concern, it has been seen that we are having an extensive amount of alternative of synthetic material that we use today, which has resulted in the contribution of increase of the pollutions and health issues for all the living species in this ecosystem.

Coping with the Problem

1. At present scenario it is seen that there is no such Exhaust muffler that is fully serviceable nor which can be maintained .The cleaning of Exhaust systems has never been considered as important as the servicing of the engine of the automobile. That is why we are breathing toxic gases and are facing health issues.

2. The only precautions we take is to cover our faces with masks and cloth to avoid the toxic gases but failed to solve the main problem.

3. Where as in Auto panels we are using Plastics, FRP parts which are non degradable and causes solid waste pollution which has always been a major issue to be solve by the society and the Industries. The plastic pollutants are harmful for the users as well as for

the manufacturers working on it. There are no particular remedies that has been decided by the consumers or officials about the solution to the problem.

For the Exhaust Muffler we have filed a Complete Specification Patent (IPO Application no.201721030091) "An Improved Exhaust system for Automobiles".

Our innovation gives 30%
40% high performance with the reduction of CO Emission gases as compared to the existing technology in the 2 W vehicles.

2. The Exhaust muffler itself is a innovative invention and the only of its own kind till date, we are trying to develop an equipment that will be adaptive to the EURO VI / BHARAT VI standard norms.

3. And also look forward to innovate new product to be used in our daily life by replacing the inorganic material and reduce pollution from our ecosystem. Hence there is a requirement of an eco-friendly filter for mufflers which can overcome the difficulties hitherto. (HemP) High Performance Exhaust Muffler.

4. An object of the present invention is to provide a system for improved automobile exhaust system, which has balanced back pressure resulting better performance of the vehicle engine, it reduce vibration of the vehicle.

5. The invention packing material which has high insulating property and low thermal conductivity, and has increased fire retardation property to enhance the Product life.

6. The HEMP performance exhaust muffler improved automobile exhaust system, which has very easy maintenance and serviceability.

7. 20
30% Less emissions emitted from the engine in the ecosystem. The particulate matter are collected in the SOOT filter. As the HEMP sound filter is organic and biodegradable after disposal in environment. The exhaust muffler as unit is Eco friendly and user friendly.


We will develop this technology for a 'ZERO CARBON' Emissions in the ecosystem. By adding an in-build accessories that are SOOT Filters and HEAT INSULATION Filters, in order to achieve our distinct goal. We also want our invention to replace the expensive ERG systems with our innovative design product within the 4W and HCV vehicles.

Later on once the Revenue has been sufficiently generated we would be providing the invention for 3W, Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Buses and everything that runs on an IC/CI Engines.


We have a Total market for at least 235 million 2W vehicles in India, which will generate $900 million in revenue.

Our Addressable market is statistically, 29 million 2W vehicles as per target of 10% of the total market of 2W, which will generate $318 million in revenue.

And our Serviceable market is 20 million @W vehicles as per 7% of the total market of 2W, which will generate $ 223 million in revenue on the sales chart.

And there will be additional 12% increment in revenue on the product servicing for the OEM's.

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