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The project intends to make portable metallic clay stoves, briquettes, fixed solar and non-solar fixed Lorena cooking stoves for households and institution through the use locally available materials like clay, bricks and other stove making materials and tools will reduce on fuel wood consumption and deforestation.

The in built skills will create green jobs where  will be involved in small and medium scale production of stoves, construction of fixed stoves through public private sector engagements, this will create employment but also improves on natural resource conservation

In order to scale up new marketing groups to sale their products will be established, form waste carbonized  collection groups and the briquette business groups with briquette storage facilities, this will create jobs direct and indirect  hence sustaining the project intervations,once implemented will reduce drastically on natural resources  degradation and climate change effects as new alternative livelihood will be generated in the districts of in Kyenjojo and Kamwenge District Western Uganda



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