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In an effort to automate the common “sọọlẹ”(a way to hop a vehicle by the roadside while traveling) as it is so called in my language(Yoruba) and to reduce the stress and hazards involve, we developed an automated technology CarpÖ derived from the popular word carpool.CarpÖ assessed carpooling requirements alongside the gamifications that can enable trust to make it thrive and help the community, especially in my community where traditional way of life is hard to change.

CarpÖ when implemented would assist the the low-income commuters to:

Save money. The transportation cost of traveling from one location to the other could be outrageous and could significantly cause a mental stress for a passenger who cannot afford the price. With CarpÖ, passenger can reach their location at low and affordable cost. CarpÖ saves money for the passengers and also put money in the pocket of the private car owner.

Save time and energy. The effort involve in finding a ride by the roadside or bus stop, waiting long hours for a vehicle to come could be daunting while a private vehicle owner could probably be going on an empty seats of similar journey. CarpÖ helps coordinates your time and connect you without stress.

reduces road traffic and vehicle emissions



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