Cazvita, sugar free cassava flour

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I am Unukevwere Francis, the CEO and sole proprietor of Unukes Agro Enterprise. We produce CAZVITA, a blend of cassava base flour that is carefully formulated to meet the swallowing enjoyment of Nigerians who, traditionally, cannot do without swallow daily. The unique value include providing sugar and cyanide free cassava flour that is neatly packed in different sizes and very easy to make. The production is done in a hygienic processing line with the health of our customers in mind.

Cazvita made entry into the market in April 2019, with awesome product acceptance and huge prospect in ROI. Under the guide of a three member Board of Advisers and committed staff made up of two males and two females, we were able to raise the curiosity of our potential customers on the health implication of consuming products that are unhygienic and unhealthy. With its natural fibre, yet sugar and hydro cyanide free, Cazvita is truly the healthy choice.

Our cottage factory is located in Okwagbe in Ughelli South LGA, where Cazvita goes through the processing line under strict hygienic supervision, stored and ready for onward delivery to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and direct consumers. Cazvita is targeted at the low income earners who are confined to the common garri,that is mostly unhealthy, due to economic status so that they can eat right and healthy.

We are seeking to getting NAFDAC approvals and going full scale marketing and production. With fabricated milling machines, we could produce one metric tonne of Cazvita weekly for the first three months with 50% production increase as we move the product to new areas like Bayelsa and Edo States, after which we would increase production by 25% for each quarter of the remaining months of the production year.

Unukes Agro Enterprise is seeking to serve healthy Cazvita on the dining tables of every Nigerian and would welcome investors and grants for the required expansion in due time. Presently our factory price is#350 per kg which is about 30% of what our competitors price. Average monthly revenue in sales is #1.444,000 while total net profit at 12th month is #3.600,000 in projection

We hope to go into full automated production with market expansion in the next two years as we look forward to a very profitable partnership.



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