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Our solution is CeriTech, a monitoring and data acquisition system for coffee beans processing using IoT. It consists of two subsystems, one for fermentation process called CeriFer, and the one for drying called CeriGar. Ceri monitor and collect variables that prove to be the most important aspect to be monitored in order to achieve high quality and maintain consistency. Then the data could be the basis for further treatment and/or practices to improve each process.

In order to achieve high quality and consistent coffee, fermentation process should be done in proper and detailed manner. With CeriFer, fermentation process could be monitored perfectly by collecting and delivering data in real time to user (coffee farmers/producers). Variables that most important in the process such as pH, temperature, and humidity then recorded and monitored. The system could also sends alert to the user if the variables exceeded the threshold number that set by the user to get the desired fermentation result. The data then could be used as a basis for further improvement, or as a benchmark to other batch so that the consistencies of qualities could be achieved. The same concept applies to the use of CeriGar. It collects temperature, humidity, and light intensity of a coffee drying house so that the drying process could be monitored. The data could be used as basis to treat the coffee bean or even as a consideration to design the ideal drying house so that the desired drying process, which are slowly, evenly, and consistently, could be achieved.



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