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Lack of basic services like education have deterred growth for many displaced populations.In a report released by the UN Refugee Agency,half of the 7.1 million refugee population do not go to school because of financial barriers.The start up of a global non-governmental organization that attracts and engages with donors for funds.Will exert an aid,in order for the organization to link up with and work hand in hand with a number of government schools in the receiving host countries.In order to create equal access and opportunity for quality education.

In order for refugees to attain identity and feel like part of the community they are living in.The invention of putting a system in place,one that identifies ,links and collects data and fingerprints of displaced populations from their country of origin’s database in order to get them documented.Promises to empower refugees to rebuild their lives and for them to be seen,understood and welcomed in the communities.The creation of a program that grades the skills or educational intellectualism of displaced populations will make school enrollment easier.

So many displaced populations have lost their lives and those of their loved ones in the receiving countries because of lack of or limited access to health facilities.In order not to suffocate and deplete the host country’s health facilities.Building refugee clinics will be the first step to ensuring that refugees receive the same health privileges as any other citizen.These same clinics will then link and work with major hospitals if need be of complicated health issues.

A new world bank study has shown and proven that displaced populations made a positive impact on jobs and wages in South Africa between 1996 and 2001.The invention of the “NNFDP” (New Narrative For Displaced Refugees)system and portal aims to exert influence on a lot of companies and businesses to give opportunities to refugees.The NNFDP system and program,aims to train displaced populations for a number of short courses.The NNFDP application portal will therefore work with a lot of businesses and companies that will link up the refugees qualifications to different companies for employment of refugees and bettering their lives.



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