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Our solution ensures that everyone, no matter their location or economic situation consumes only products that are safe, healthy and direct from the producers. In Africa most especially, there is a high infiltration of counterfeit products in the market putting consumers at risk every time they use such products especially food and drug products and it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of person die yearly in the continent as a result.

With Chekkit, consumers can track/monitor every food/drug product as it leaves the warehouse, through every point in the distribution chain till it gets to the final consumers and these products can be authenticated/verified at every point making sure counterfeits can't get in.

Also, when consumers verify a product, they can then be informed if the product is fake or genuine, expired, how it got to them as well as the composition that makes it safe and ideal for consumption. They can authenticate these products by using our mobile application as well as via USSD meaning even without an internet connection, consumers can still be protected from fake and substandard products.

Consumers can also report their bad product experiences which ensures that regulatory bodies and producers can do something about it.

Our goal at Chekkit is to make smarter, trackable and safer products available to everyone.



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