Chibazi Low Carbon Economy, Malawi

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Integrated solution built aroundrenewable energy(100kWp solar mini-grid) tocreate a low carbon economythroughagro-ecological practices,eco-inclusive value-chainsvia cooperatives,digital skills transferandentrepreneur incubation services.Impacts:10,000 people will access clean electricity/ancillary benefits,146t CO2 emission reduced, 45.29t CO2 emissions by 3 millerseliminated,resilienceto climate change for10,000 people strengthened, 100+ha irrigable land exploited,climate smart irrigation maize production increase from 500kg to 3T/ha, agro-ecological rain fed production and nutrition security enhanced,new businesses created, digital skills transfer will enhance locals' competitiveness andabilityto access new roles/markets outside their geographical areas,inclusive value chains created via cooperatives. 4 complementary partners to jointly deliver solution



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