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The solution will a dress the challenge by liking the peasant honey farmers to supply chains and international market introduction of better production and processing methods for the to be able to produce the quality of honey acceptable for international market standards like the way they are processing the honey manually which when supplies to companies when tested they find containing other particle that tend to reduce the standard percentages of the honey.

The farmers are currently using bark beehives which are of low standards and can only produce less qualities, but if supplies with modern beehives these will increase their production. The whole process from making beehives, setting them in the forests, harvesting the honey and processing the honey to turn it from honey combs to serup is done manually which just shows money cannot produce enough for commercial.

As such if one came up with project to work with these farmers supply them with modern beehives, then after harvesting they sell it to you, then process it and then resale on the international market. With this initiative the livelihoods of these farmers will definitely improve as the main problem has been lack of market.

They are unable to supply to the supply chains or international market due to low standards of the commodity bit with the help of processing companies, people will produce more and a lot will venture into this activity thereby improving the livelihoods of many. Through the sales of honey for example if unprocessed honey is bought at 30 ZMW per kg and one is able to produce about a tonne then one is able to send their children to school, build a better house and also do other economical activities. Then us we process it for resale to supply chain. Why I choose this project is due to its capability of sustaining it's self after the first empowerment with seed capital to be able to set up a first grade processing plant and also motivated by the Availability of the product in question.

There is so much honey in Mwinilunga district and there is only one private company buying the honey from the farmers but due to to much competition the farmers are not empowered as the buyer has no competition, and its not a social enterprise that can be concerned with the wellbeing of the community. Chiwenu wild fruit intends to use this to reduce of poverty.



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