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Circus is a project for recycling computers, and supporting people who are far from digital.

Every year, thousands of tons of computer equipment are thrown away, and only 20% is recycled.

Yet many of these elements still work and are sometimes new!

This waste is inconsistent when we know that many people do not have access to new technologies.

Circus recycles IT waste to avoid their negative impacts on our environment.

It then dismantles the devices and then reuses the functional components during computer assembly workshops (Circus Kit), where the participants assemble the computers themselves, and for the animation of workshops digital education in isolated or popular areas.

The customizable computers (recycled chassis jerrican/ wood) designed are deployed in local initiatives of general interest (schools, local communities, associations, orphanages, even businesses and startups ...) in parallel to the organization of computer editing workshops , digital literacy and computer coding.

Unserviceable components will be used as decorative objects or destroyed by channels means of hazardous waste disposal.

Thus, we offer individuals, businesses and public institutions a solution to properly recycle their computer, plastic and wood waste.

We want to make landlocked and / or rural areas become centers of innovation.

All these objectives combine to contain climate change and reduce the digital divide that affects the world.



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