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What we do is creating a digital platform to create a token (a virtual representation of tax value) where people can create communities around specific urban issues. The token is not a crypto-currency but more a way to create trade, investment (stable-security) and generate engagement.
How? we have a group of developers and designers to build the first version, we are going to partner with local University for Urban Informatics
When? We just got a Letter Of Support from the best HUB for innovation in Colombia, supported by the Mayor. We would start having first users around March/April 2019
Who? We are a group of entrepreneurs, with experience building companies, and few experts supporting our venture. Some of us are in Colombia and Canada.

How feasible is CityZeen? The L.O.S explain clearly that we have been analyzing the problem (allocation resources, lack of exchange, bureaucracy, lack of digital pipeline, friction in between urban planners & residents). That means we got approval to test, validate and connect first users with projects issued by the City. We are also working with the Public Private Partnership office in Medellin, to digitalize and submit all those projects to residents.  The City wants to improve the relationship with communities, create a culture of participation, and more efficient budget allocation.

Scalability? The local academic partner just builds the first software in the country, to do forecasting about potential stress in the infrastructure (water, energy, mobility, air, vegetation, waste, etc). the problem is that software goes again to the Municipal level, when in fact what is missing is to have a channel where people can feel they belong to their neighbourhood. At CityZeen we intent to scale the model offering the option to users, to vote, submit or crowdfund money to solve problems or design the future assets. We are the first in the country to go in this direction, Medellin has been one of the most impressive urban planning cases for inclusion in the world, in only 20 years got out of Narco-State to a place for innovation.

Alignment? We build a product, we aim to create an ecosystem. You can't have users alone to solve urban complex problems. That's why we are including Architects, urbanist, urban planners in freelance, designers, to support and express more clearly needs from the community. The product is software but it needs a service that can be provided to help communities to express in one page what they need. The platform would connect users, decision-makers and investors. To align this, we have been working to be legitim (expertise).



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