Clean & Affordable Energy access for Rural Micro-Enterprises

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The proposed solution helps to empower low income generating communities in India, while increasing& promoting the usage of renewable source of energy to match the affordability of the target consumers.

Offering not only helps to cut consumers energy expenses by half but also helps to enhance the income of micro enterprises located in rural underserved regions by extended working hours. This also indirectly helps upliftingthe soci-economic status of the local communities residing around these micro enterprises.Mera Gao Power offer employment opportunities by hiring local staffs to serve these consumers.

Micro grid helps to increase the utilization rate of electronic components used i.e Solar panel, battery etc through community sharing of output making a economicsolution for all, while increasing the community bonding amongst theusers.

Solution helps to reduce the CO2 emission by reducing the dependency on Diesel generators & kerosene lamps leading to healthy environmentfor local community.



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