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Solar is in a unique position to capture the clean energy market: a staggeringly large portion of the earth’s surface lies near the equator and is perfectly suited to convert the abundant energy of the sun into electricity. World electricity needs are now approaching 1.7 Tera-watts per day; an amount that could be generated by a solar farm of 324 square miles in sub-Saharan Africa!

Power2Peer is committed not only to reducing carbon emissions globally, but working to provide energy to millions of households currently in the dark. From India to Sub-Saharan Africa, there is great demand for sustainable energy projects in places that have been left off the grid. With Power2Peer’s advanced solar microgrids coupled with the blockchain clean energy trading platform accessing via a mobile app -  communities can build resilient energy infrastructure for the first time, powered by the abundantly available energy of the sun! Thus creating a sustainable energy ecosystem.

Power2Peer is empowering communities to opt for more efficient and more resilient energy systems. By opting for Power2Peer’s blockchain-enabled solar microgrid energy trading platform, individuals and communities will be able to significantly reduce their energy bills by choosing cleaner sources of energy. This means both a smaller carbon footprint and a more resilient power supply they can depend on!

P2PConnect Clean Energy Marketplace (CEM) Vision

Power2Peer’s vision is to own and operate a scalable blockchain-secured distributed energy platform that will enable the purchase and sale of millions of clean energy kilowatts between producers and consumers. Power2Peer is dedicated to creating the first resilient and adaptive energy trading platform for consumers anywhere in the world to receive clean energy from clean energy producers using a mobile app.  A minimum viable product (MVP) of P2PConnectTM platform is near completion to demonstrate the feasibility of the commercial product.   

The P2P Connect platform MVP (Minimum Viable Product) uses a mobile app to register producers and consumers. All energy transactions are logged in the blockchain ledger. The software defined network controller (SDNC) creates optimal connections between clean energy sources and end-users. 

P2P Connect is a free downloadable app that is designed to bring access to clean energy at the best price by reducing the transmission and management costs of the kilowatts delivered. Customers will have access through the app to a ledger of all transactions on the blockchain as well as their billing and usage statistics. With solar microgrids, rooftop solar, and a way to trade and make killowatts available to places that are still in the dark - we now have a sustainable solar infrastructure built around the world.

On our visit to Uganda, East Africa we realized as we enjoy uninterrupted power supply where we live in USA - there are places in the world that is still have no access to electricity Read Here

Power2Peer Advantages
* Sustainable energy source where needed most.
*P2PConnect App allows customers to manage, trade, and track energy from anywhere.
* Blockchain technology for security and transparency
* Reduces carbon emission, shrinking carbon footprint
* Decentralized and resilient and sustainable energy network
* Enables a new energy economy by creating a market place for energy trading.
* Energy storage for later use or sale.



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