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It’s not an over statement to say that energy has become the most significant need of today’s life. The demand of energy is increasing day by day but the supply is not enough. The planet is progressively marching towards a serious energy scarcity. Considering Pakistan, energy has become the talk of town and the energy demand is escalating as compared to its supply. Because of this energy deficit, commonly called as Energy crisis, the progress of the country has come to a halt. Due to lack of gas, transportation sector has been badly affected. The shortfalls in electricity and gas have caused closure of a number of industries. This has not only caused the profits to go down but has also led a high rate of unemployment. According to Energy forecast by Pakistan Energy Year Book, the daily Gas Production will fall to around 4.94 BCF by year 2030 due to depleting natural reserves and the base demand will increase to around 11.73 BCF leaving the supply deficit of almost 7 BCF.

Due to lack of gas, transportation sector has been badly affected. Shortfall in electricity and gas has resulted closure of multiple industries. This has not only caused the profits to go down but also led a high rate of unemployment. Among other internal causes, unemployment is key contributing factor leading us towards poverty leaving people with only two choices i.e. either living legally from hand to mouth or going for illegal activities eventually increasing crimes rates.

Keeping in view the status of energy and pollution, introduction of an innovative green energy production idea has become inevitable for economic growth of Pakistan and other parts of the world.

A sustainable alternative that can be used in place of petrol and CNG to run an unmodified engine is Biodiesel fuel. Not only in transport sector but this commodity can also help to fulfill our domestic demands. Bio diesel produced by small scale algae farms set up across the country is the solution I propose to resolve energy scarcity in Pakistan. Algae farming is very convenient in terms of land and time required for growth as they can be cultivated in very small areas and harvesting time is very less as compared to most of the crops.

While providing 50 times more oil than conventional oil seeds, favorable algae growth conditions are very much in line with climate of Pakistan. The production can be made further economical by growing the farms in saline or waste water ponds which are usually unsuitable for common crops. Being pollution free and containing zero Sulphur components, algae greatly enhance the process of photosynthesis and don’t tend to harm the environment in any way.

Being a low income country, cheap labor and services for development of product are not a problem in Pakistan. Along with production of efficient energy resource, the idea will be very helpful to mitigate the unemployment crisis in Pakistan as it will specially be targeting the people living in remote areas and not having enough resources to earn for themselves.

I propose the hiring of local poor people of different villages in Pakistan and providing them with algae cultures, basic equipment and training for farming. They will farm algae on their land or the waste land provided by the government and after that will sell that algae back to government or other organizations who will process the received product to produce bio fuel which will then be sold to customers.

After marketing of project along with marking some of the suitable regions for algae growth, I will be working to have some initial sponsors helping me launching the first phase of biofuel production. After successful execution of pilot phase and final production of biofuel I will be expanding the project along with involving more people in marketing and sponsoring organizations. The idea’s flexibility in terms of its size is undebatable keeping in view that it will be applicable on smallest and largest possible domains as required or desired

The solution along with being very flexible in terms of area required can be extremely efficient in terms of required outcomes delivery because of its low supervision demands and can utilize the resources generally considered useless. Further, it will also help us to bring about the balance to the collateral environmental damage caused by industries now a days, as just like any other tree plantation, algae farming will be assisting us in the process of photosynthesis and will be making our surroundings green

The idea of Biodiesel fuel is fully in line with SDG 7 & 8 i.e. making affordable and clean energy available along with promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. Along with targeting the energy crisis of region, it will help to revive our industrial and transport sector once again.

Above all, Pakistan will be on its way towards sustainability and utilization of clean fuel which is most important issue to keep the planet away from destruction through global warming. The beauty of this solution lies in the fact that it will be a win-win situation from both environmental and industrial perspective.



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