Clean water producer system (CWPS) with new approach

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The solution for the problems are producing clean water, processing water without cleaning, intelligent irrigation system, control the condition of the ground to optimize the efficiency, opportunity to do agriculture as a job.

In this method, we produce clean and safe water from the air that is suitable to drink or to use for food preparation.

we can optimize the water consumption for agriculture activities with an intelligent irrigation system. A third of water use in the world goes to the agricultural sector. Agriculture affects both the quantity and the quality of water available for other uses. In some parts of the world, pollution from pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture alone remains a major cause of poor water quality.

More efficient use of our water resources in agriculture is only one of the steps we need to take to reduce our impact on the environment.

we suggest that we can use this plan in various lands. we can use on a normal scale or large scale to produce requirement water for areas that need cultivation. These are can be executive in all parts of the world especially Africa that needs more attention.

From the economical view, transportation of water to the deprived areas is very higher than producing water in these areas (T.M.Hess et al.,2016). Because of the cost of fossil fuels, pipes, pumps, and so on, and the reduction of underground water resources and rivers. But by the CWPS we can produce water without reduction of water sources. By accurate management, we can optimize water consumption. Additionally, the cost of maintenance and repair of CWPS is very low and has a long life.

By build a greenhouse by CWPS and using new agricultural procedures like The hydroponic method, we can produce fresh vegetables and other short-life crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and so on. It can cause that the accessibility to these types of daily needful become easier and also they can provide all over a year. Also, by existing water, the feasibility of agriculture in a different area can be possible and the results can be as a job for many people. The positive aspect is that we can encourage people to create their own business to produce fresh vegetables and by expanding the products, they can export to other places too.



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