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In most rural areas of sub-saharan Africa, especially Nigeria, unhealthy cooking methods which result to global warming and environmental pollution for us all is not uncommon. Such methods include charcoal, wood and kerosene stove.

For example; charcoal production involves the burning of woods while the use of firewood is impossible without the falling of trees. We all know the importance of trees in our ecological composition. If this trend continues, then our campaign against climate change might result to little or no effort if rural activities especially on cooking are not checked. This is asides the long distance sometimes as far as 10km trekked by these dwellers to fetch these woods.

With an average rural home using 3kg of wood for daily cooking, research have shown that one "CleanCook" in a rural home would save over one tonne of wood yearly. Imagine the global warming of one tonne of wood if 1 metre cubed of wood contains 1 tonne of carbon(iv)oxide.

In one of our minigrid villages in Nigeria, Odan village, we set up two 'CleanCook" unit as a form of research based output, and the households have been just too grateful for this. Their points of appreciation were how we saved them from shedding tears while cooking due to heavy fumes penetrating their tear glands from the wood and charcoal while fanning for hotter flames. They also mentioned the stress of trekking we saved them from without forgetting the $0.5 we help them save daily to buy 60cl of kerosene which helps them boost wood or charcoal burning. We have replicated this for ourselves and some other persons who could afford it.

Presently, we are working on the affordability of this "CleanCook" unit as a service via a Pay As You Go(PAYG) model for rural and urban dwellers where the lives of trees are endangered and heavy cooking fumes are released to the atmosphere resulting to a global effect of climate change. Already, we have written Victron
a Netherland solar energy company on a useful PAYG device for this solution, solarun offgrid
a chinese company focusing on PAYG sytem design, Tesga Power
another chinese company into energy saving induction cookers and Lithium Valley
a LifePO4 battery manufacturer. We know our collaboration with these giants and making prosperity initiative would definitely make saving the Universe from climate change a reality.

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