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The Industrial sector accounts for a significant amount of energy demand. A study Published by EIA (US Energy Information Administration) concluded that the industrial sector accounts for about 54% of the world’s total energy consumption. The final energy demand varies depending on the Industry sector. Industries generally rely on internal energy production, most typically steam boiler systems for heat production. In larger Industries, it is common to have an internal electricity production as well. Whatever may be the energy demand of the Industry, the most commonly used energy source is fossil fuels. The growing awareness of the detrimental effects of fossil fuels has for decades pointed towards the necessity to bring forth alternate, non-exhaustible energy sources that can reduce CO2 emissions. Oil prices have risen, with long-term forecasts predicting a steady price growth. Similar forecasts have been presented for natural gas as well. This, in addition to the increased Governmental regulations in Greenhouse gas emissions, makes a conventional fossil-based system increasingly unjustifiable.

Currently, about 90% of the heat demands are met by burning fossil fuels. Industries generally use 4 types of Boilers including Wood Boilers, Diesel-Based Boilers, electric boilers or Gas boilers.

Cleantrough develops, supplies and supports Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) technology for the development of cost-competitive, highly efficient and low-medium temperature industrial process heat systems. Our core technology is the Parabolic trough solar thermal concentrator and its complementary technologies. Cleantrough's parabolic trough technology has an optical efficiency of about 76.8% which is the highest efficiency for small-scale Parabolic Trough Plants. The aperture area for each collector is just 5.5 m2 and weighs 147 Kg making it ideal for both roof-top and ground-mounted applications.

These technologies can be deployed in stand-alone or industrial-integrated solar thermal projects, with or without storage, or hybridized with gas, oil or other fuels to deliver cost-competitive dispatchable power generation systems. They may also be deployed to provide thermal energy for a diverse range of low-medium temperatures industrial processes such as for processes in food processing Industry, Textile Industries, Chemical and Pharma industry, for desalination, enhanced oil recovery, minerals processing, the production of hydrogen and solar enhanced fuels.

Cleantrough's core technology is the Parabolic Trough Concentrator, a low-cost, high-performance solar energy concentrator. The technical performance, manufacturing, operation and maintenance advantages of the trough ensure its superior commercial performance in today's and future solar thermal markets. The Parabolic trough delivers superior solar-steam for Industrial applications due to:

> Superior optical efficiency: 76.6% optical efficiency achieved by tracking the sun with the full face of the trough at all times and the use of high-performance mirror panels.

> Low to Medium-temperature operation: The Parabolic Trough can be configured to deliver thermal energy at temperatures from 60 to more than 200 Degree C, ideal for Industrial Applications.

>COST:  Cleantrough's technology is cheaper compared to present CST technologies. We aim to build a production line in India and Chile in the next 3-5 years with a vision to decrease the initial CAPEX by 250%.

>LAND-USAGE: Generally CSP takes a large space area. Cleantrough's solar collector has an aperture area of 5.5 m2 while the assembly is of 4 collectors with the total area of 36 m2.



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