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The challenge strongly pertains to communities and the circular economy. The challenge mentions 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year
this is exactly what we want to tackle.

At Clearbot, our vision is to empower local governments and water-communities with cutting-edge-technology so that they can keep trash out of their water. Even with the current global ocean plastic crisis, industry solutions still vary from boats with nets to simply collection by hand which is expensive, painful, slow and dangerous. Governments and local communities are suffering from the effect of waste in the water, the environmental degradation is causing massive economic damage. There is simply no tool yet that is robust and scalable to truly solve the water pollution challenge and there is a massive need for a robust solution.

We are changing that with Clearbot.

Clearbot drones are self-navigating, self-charging, robot swarms that use on-board AI classifiers to detect and collect trash as a team. In comparison to any current solution, Clearbot is 15x cheaper, has 5x more reach and removes 2x more trash daily (24x7x365).

We have the most cutting edge AI-Vision Trash detection model in the world!

  • We’ve been developing this AI system for the last 1 year.
  • We’ve hacked aerial drone swarm technology and adapted it for the ocean surface
  • We can scale a robot swarm upto 900 units without any change in our architecture
  • Our robots can waypoint navigate with an accuracy of 2m even in rough seas
  • Scalable
    We can easily add more robots to the swarm: No need of building massive system

We have completed our prototype and are moving to pilot. Currently in negotiation with resorts, marinas (in HK), construction companies (Samsung C&T) among others to pilot. Top advisors including professors and HKU and HK government research labs.

We have worked extensively with water-side communities in the design process. Our robot is designed so that our technology box can be shipped anywhere in the world, attached onto any locally made wooden frame to make a functioning clearbot!



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