clearing waste plastic bottles

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The solution will address the challenge of climate change and waste plastic bottles accumulation through totally removing the hazardous waste plastic bottles that suffocate the soil not to decompose and encourage plant growth to limit soil aridity. Carelessly littered waste plastic bottles end up eroded into lakes, seas, oceans, rivers and other water bodies hence polluting them, denying human access to safe water and a thriving life for the aquatic nature.
The waste plastic bottles’ total removal approach avoids mishaps that result from the common local removal practice of burning like; emission of carbon gas and other toxic fumes that instead pollute the environment, denting the ozone layer and producing toxic rain all with affectious effects like; global warming, human cancers and deaths, animal deaths and nature depletion.
The clearing of waste plastic bottles’ accumulation solution will reduce soil suffocation, water bodies’ pollution by waste plastic bottles and trigger beneficiary minds towards climate change issues resilience.
The solution increases safe water storage levels, improving water, sanitation and hygiene levels in schools and households, ensuring a health schools atmosphere for the school children at the targeted training workshop site beneficiary schools, improving the educational and skills levels of bottle brick trained participants at each workshop.
The solution encourages plant cover regeneration and water bodies’ protection against waste plastic bottles that revitalizes evapo-transpiration causing rainfall intensification, habitation and multiplication ground for wild game and aquatic nature.



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