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CleenUp is an application-based, on-demand car cleaning system that uses eco-friendly nanotechnology to clean cars for car fleets and car sharing companies, saving water and CO2 in the process. We aim to smart up cities of the future, and we do it by being ecologically viable and environmentally friendly.

Our competitive advantage is on one hand the outstanding service no other company offers; our innovation and the technical know-how of nanotechnology. Our market, car fleets/car sharing companies are in need of a sustainable full service provider and we are doing so not only competitively but sustainably, increasing revenues by the high level of service and the time saved during the process. Our innovation lays in the USE of the existing technology. By combining service and the application with nanotechnology we save water (no water usage for cleaning), CO2 (not moving the cars to clean), urban space (again, not moving cars to get cleaned but being on the spot) for cities and precious time for our clients.

In 5 years we want to change the behaviour of car sharing companies by offering a sustainable solution to save more and more water and CO2. Our service offers an option that is both business and environment-friendly. The quality of our cleaning service results in more end users, while the advantages of not moving the cars to clean results in immediate revenue – less time out from service and less damage for cars.

CleenUp has been selected as one of the TOP30 most innovative cleantech startups in Europe by the EIT Climate-KIC and is a proud member of Global Water Partnership.



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