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In 2019, more than 7 million people took the streets across the globe demanding climate action. As the effects of climate change become increasingly clear, climate engagement and anxiety are at an all-time high. However, there is a lack of awareness of the precise impact of specific choices and what meaningful actions can be taken in the household or workplace to be more sustainable. The information available is widely dispersed, and either overly generalized or difficult to access.

According to our research, 87% of Millenials and Generation Z are interested in using an App that could help them reduce their impact in the world. However, current available resources offer only a few general solutions and do not take a person's lifestyle into account. Our project revolves around education, communication, and creating a community that is taking action to fight climate change. Our aim is to influence consumer behaviour and promote a low-carbon, circular way of living by creating comprehensible information on the impact of day-to-day actions and by gamification through individual or community challenges, competitions, and more.

ClimAct!, a sophisticated, personal environmental impact management system, provides verified information, accurate metrics, and a wide range of actions to reduce global warming, all in one place. Our App was built by thoroughly analysing what drives behavioural change in individuals, with a special focus on fostering understanding, enabling actions, and reinforcing mechanisms. Our users receive highly personalised and easy-to-follow targets to reduce waste, plastic use, energy consumption, transport emissions, and more. This unique approach gives our users the much-required encouragement, engagement, and motivation to be part of a worldwide movement. Part of this includes promoting the use of longer-lasting and recycling products and understanding how to create and live a more circular lifestyle.

Similarly, the SME version will engage with companies and their employees to take action to create greener workplaces, reduce the business' carbon footprint, and improve the company CSR and SDG metrics.

Due to the global problem we are tackling and the engaging nature of our App, we plan to rapidly scale our user base to different countries in different regions, leveraged by our international team. Our goal is to create a centralised, global platform of climate action that is accessible, engaging, enjoyable, and available in multiple languages.

Climate Change must be tackled by taking a holistic approach. Together we can work towards a greener future.



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