Clusters of mini food processing units

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Problem Statements

  • Weather-based farming resulting in a drastic price drop of crops harvested in a particular season
  • Negative unit economics due to small farms and transportation costs
  • Individual farmers cannot afford modern farm equipment
  • Low access to consumers and direct markets


Creating a cluster of micro food processing, storage and farm equipment units.

What a cluster unit can possibly have :

  • Vegetable and fruits Dehydration UnitsVegetables and fruits dehydration is cost effective and a simpleprocess and can increase the shelf life of food products from months uptoa year keeping the nutritionvalue and tase intact. After dehydration, the weight of food products reduces by a factor of 60
    90 % which drastically reduces the transportation cost.
  • Juice extracting unitsNatural juice could be extracted from certain fruits and vegetables in concentrated form and can be directly sold to bigger processing units, saving the transportation cost, increasing the shelf life and creating a steady source of income to farmers.
  • Milk Powder making UnitTo avoid spoilage of milk, milk powder making units can be installed at rural clusters so that milk can be transported easily and can be utilized in cities increasing the income and bring back the trend of keeping cattle.

What we are trying to do is develop and support micro-entrepreneurs in rural areas and ensuring their successby providingthem with SOP's, latest knowledge, equipment and most important access to the markets.

Core focus -

  • Reduce wastage of farm produce
  • Maximize the value of the product
  • Maximize the shelf life
  • Minimize transportation cost
  • Explore additional avenues of increasing per capita income of farmers
  • Develop self-sustainable and profitablemicro units operated undera centralized unit
  • Create rural entrepreneurs



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