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The global coffee business is worth anything from $50 billion to $100 billion, but less than one sixteenth of this reaches farmers. Most coffee growers are poor small-scale farmers in developing countries spread across Africa, Southern America and Asia. Despite coffee being a lucrative earner, these farmers have largely remained poor as brokers and processors take all the profit. Typically, middlemen have reduced them to a hungry, angry, shoeless lot of peasants, unable to take their children to school.

Coffee Africa is a Block Chain Powered platform, to help enable a more efficient supply chain and create a better ecosystem for the global coffee farming community. The system connects all stakeholders, specifically the producer, within the coffee supply chain
allowing for full transparency and traceability of the coffee’s journey from soil to cup. The result is a customizable package of solutions that increases food safety, unlock supply chain efficiencies, minimize waste, enhance brand’s reputation, and contribute positively and directly to the farmer’s pocket. 

The platform offers a seamless approach to tracking orders and consumer interaction. Our method of verification assures consumers that farmers are paid an ethical price for their coffee. Efforts to reduce growers’ dependency on intermediaries by having direct access to market create jobs, lift families out of poverty, empower women and children, and deliver investors favorable returns.



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