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Through Colcart, we will connect consumers with producers who manufacture certified organic-based products, that is, that do not contain chemical preservants, colourants, or fumigants, among others and therefore there will be fewer people affected regarding health impairments in the department of Cauca. Our solution forwards to an education training with the aim of giving organic cropping practices and commercial tools to the farmers, so they are able to potentiate and scale their business, reducing the unemployment gaps in the cities by eliciting job opportunities in their own lands. The provided training we promote will endure the technical knowledge to farmers and will raise awareness about the importance of generating high-quality fruits, vegetables and organic products they produce and sell to their consumers, endorsed as well by national and international green seal certification based on ISO. Our company will be a source of job opportunities, facing the farmers migration process and fostering well-grounded activities that promote environmental awareness in the youth community, as well as preserving the traditional and ancestral practices of indigenous communities in our department. Through the education centre, it will be possible to interwave an environmental technical knowledge, commercial and entrepreneurial abilities especially for the farmers, who will become aware of the importance of producing organic-based products within the solidarity economy framework and trade fair policies. Thus, we can generate technical knowledge to farmers regarding organic cropping practices, improving the food quality standards and thus avoiding various types of diseases and promoting healthy practices. In addition, the benefits that our company provides for the department of Cauca would be directly linked to the care of soil, flora and fauna, since we are promoting the decrease of agrochemicals and in this way conserving the potential of natural hydrogen (PH) from the ground or in other words, to stimulate organic-conceived fertile soils and reduce erosion by finally fostering the circulatory economy. Therefore, we want to support the organic-based product's market and thus to reduce chemical pollution in the environment. This is where we all have converged, from a year already, to work together alongside with some alliances to find a technological and environmental-friendly solution by using each one of our abilities in business management technology, engineering and our commitment as a teamwork for improving the life-quality standards of the peasantry, and in this way to make our department an example to follow in Colombia and afterwards in Latinamerica



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